• Feature your products on 100's of models
  • Proprietary technology to display the size of your product
  • Appeal to diverse customers with our ethnic model directory
  • Export images for most marketplaces - amazon, zilingo... and many more!
Get your first 5 images free.

  • We have a template for every lifestyle occasion
  • Choose the best background to showcase the dial
  • Detailed shots or Model Imagery - choice is yours
  • Ever growing repository of model choices to choose from
Get your first 5 images free.

  • Showcase your product without doing a hand-model shoot
  • Choose a model from all major ethnic and age demography
  • Matching background imagery for visually attractive product shots
  • Natural looking shadows to give depth to your product
  • Convey the product size visually using our proprietary technology
Get your first 5 images free.

  • Spoilt for choice: face shots, close-ups, diversity...
  • Large & ever-growing model repository for every occasion
  • Convey the product size visually using our proprietary technology
  • Select models with matching garments (style, color or pattern)
Get your first 5 images free.

  • Reduce product returns by visual communication of size
  • Choice of diversity in models for any demography
  • Create a new image and reboot your product¬ís lifecycle
  • 100's of templates to find the right skin tone, hair style and more!
Get your first 5 images free.

Why Flixstock Micro-Solutions


Step 1: Try FlixEasy!

Try FlixEasy through our preview portal. All you need is couple of your product images and you are good to go. Access our preview interface here:

Step 2: Preview FlixEasy in two steps

Choose the right category and upload your product image, our guidelines are simple & have a sample image for your reference. While uploading your product image, provide us the dimensions as well.

Step 3: Choose a model

In preview, we offer couple of options for you to choose. Pick a model image that could best showcase your product from the options. Unable to find the right one? - go with the closest option for now. Don't worry, we hundreds of options in our paid versions.

Step 4: It typically takes about 30 minutes to few hours, for our system to start showing you the results.

We will send you an email to update you when it is ready. You can also check the progress and download the images from your dashboard once they are done.

We love feedbacks, let us know if you like or dislike the output. Want access to our premium solution, click on the chat and talk to us!

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